Friday, February 08, 2008

Sarah Palin for Vice President?

I had never heard of her until Denny Hartford brought her to my attention.

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Apparently others have been focusing on Palin, governor of Alaska, for some time as a Republican VP nominee. As one fighting off my own case of what has been diagnosed nationally as "McCain Derangement Syndrome," the prospect of Palin on the ticket helps cool the fever.

Somebody please tell me now if there is something terrible about her that I am missing.


OmaSteak said...

Was that "quacking" I heard toward the end of your radio program Saturday??? You started to discuss home valuations given the decline in values seen locally in both new and existing homes. Then you "ducked" the issue by saying the Assessor is an elected official and not subject to County Board oversight/influence. That is complete BS. While the County Assessor is separately elected, the County Board is the taxing authority that approves funding for the operation of that office, there by giving the Board some measure of control/oversight. I guess you're scared to discuss what will happen to county property rates if/when the Assessor is forced to reflect decline values of homes in Douglas county. You could also work to force the Assessor to make plainly public the exact calculations used to produce a home valuation...including any/all assumptions that feed into that process. I've heard you say that you love being on the county board due to favorable pay vs. work balance, but maybe you should consider working a little harder to truly decent job of representing overtaxed homeowners in the county.

Students of America said...

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