Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Quit Ducking on Property Taxes, Commissioner!

OmaSteak has called me out on property taxes.

Here's what OmaSteak said:

Was that "quacking" I heard toward the end of your radio program Saturday??? You started to discuss home valuations given the decline in values seen locally in both new and existing homes. Then you "ducked" the issue by saying the Assessor is an elected official and not subject to County Board oversight/influence.

That is complete BS. While the County Assessor is separately elected, the County Board is the taxing authority that approves funding for the operation of that office, there by giving the Board some measure of control/oversight.

I guess you're scared to discuss what will happen to county property rates if/when the Assessor is forced to reflect decline values of homes in Douglas county. You could also work to force the Assessor to make plainly public the exact calculations used to produce a home valuation...including any/all assumptions that feed into that process.

I've heard you say that you love being on the county board due to favorable pay vs. work balance, but maybe you should consider working a little harder to truly decent job of representing overtaxed homeowners in the county.


My reply? Listen this Saturday morning at 11 on Check with Chip.

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OmaSteak said...

You're welcome for the "hot topic" segment for your upcoming show Chip...LOL!!! After doing just a little research on the local residential real estate market, I've found that the "average" new home has declined in price by 10-15% and the "average" exisiting home has declined in price by 5-10%. That's based upon looking at the MLS and looking at average new home and existing home square footage, etc. I expect similar declines this year and could well continue into 2009. With mortgage lenders only willing to do new mortages for well qualified borrowers, home values should over the next couple of years, return to their more historical valuation growth average rates. I don't understand why the County Assessor wouldn't reassess all residential properties in light of this major change in the residential market. I also don't understand why the Assessor isn't compelled to make public the exact methods/calculations used to produce each homeowner's valuation. I'm assuming there isn't a legion of clerks in that office whose sole duty is to maually calculate a valuation for each and every property in the county. There's a computer system being used which is fed location, age, construction, square footage, etc. and then a calculation/series of calculations are made. Taxpayers have the right to know precisely that algorithm. I thought the little "kick in the pants" about your work as a Commissioner might get your attention...LOL!!!