Monday, February 04, 2008

Free Pizza Tonight!

Come join the Maxwell for County Board re-election campaign for fun and free pizza. Check with Chip listeners, you've earned some free pizza. Come say hello.


OmaSteak said...

Great to see that you're running for reelection Chip. Douglas county taxpayers need all the friends they can find in elected office. What is the address of your campaign website?

Chip Maxwell said...


Thank you for the kind words.

I don't have a web site! My races (state legislature and county board) have been old-fashioned people-to-people politicking -- door-to-door, fish fries, neighborhood association meetings, parish festivals, community parades, etc.

I have done direct mailings and newspaper and radio ads, but I have not used the Internet. Is it time for a Maxwell campaign to go into cyberspace?

OmaSteak said...

A good campaign website is a real asset. It makes your positions, background, fund raising, recruiting volunteers, getting people to sign-up for yard signs, etc. all available 24x7. It would work very well if you make sure to mention its address "" in each radio ad, newspaper ad, on your yard signs and in your printed materials. It also allows you to answer any media questions with bullet points and a reference to expanded answer on your website.