Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Apologize for Ideology

Beware of anyone who tells you to back off on your ideology. You know the type: "Oh, you're an ideologue, you're obsessed with ideology. We must get beyond ideology and find common ground." Don’t fall for that gibberish.

An ideology can be good or bad, but "ideology" is not a bad word. America was born of ideology, starting with the Declaration of Independence. Ideology comes from the Greek words for “idea” and “word.” An ideology is a coherent expression of ideas united by a guiding ethic.

To have an ideology is to believe in something, to have a moral and intellectual compass as you address the issues facing society. Don’t apologize for it.

And don't let anyone pretend to be “neutral” in politics. Some people say: "I don’t get caught up in ideology. I’m objective. I’m rational. I just want bottom-line solutions."

That’s a person who either has no guiding principles, or has guiding principles that can’t compete with yours, so that person tries to knock principles out of the discussion. Stick to your principles and be proud of your ideological convictions.

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OmaSteak said...

It would also be "good" if your ideology was well reasoned and well researched. I tend to fall into the Ayn Rand ideology realm. Is that moral or amoral? It is well reasoned and well researched.