Monday, January 14, 2008

Stem Cell Research : The Pro-Cloners Are Relentless

The cloner of Dolly the sheep has announced that he is abandoning cloning, that it is not necessary to stem cell research. So why are some people still pushing for cloning?

Cloning has become a major part of the debate about stem cell research. The people who want to destroy human embryos to get their stem cells for research are the ones pushing for cloning. They want cloning because they want embryonic stem cells that are genetic matches for patients.

A clone is an identical twin of the person who provides the donor cell, so the cloned embryo would have stem cells with the same DNA as the donor.

But there’s no guarantee that cloning will work in humans, and even it did, you have to destroy the cloned embryo to get the stem cells. That’s destroying one human to help another.

The good news is that science has figured out to take skin cells from your body and turn them into the equivalent of embryonic stem cells. There’s no need to mess around with cloning anymore.

So why are some people still pushing for cloning? We’ll talk about it on Check with Chip Saturday morning at 11 a.m. on New Talk 1420 KOTK. Where your opinion counts!

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