Thursday, January 31, 2008

Presidential Primary: Media Herd Stampeding for McCain

OK, Mitt Romney, the Straight Talk Express has tried to put you in the rearview mirror. I'm over Fred Thompson. And forget I ever said it would be fun to have a brokered convention. You're the man. Now take control of this race.

No need to panic. For most of 2007, conventional wisdom said Rudy Giuliani would be the 2008 Republican candidate for president. The smart money was on Rudy.

Meanwhile, during the summer John McCain's candidacy was over, remember? Campaign falling apart, staff jumping ship or being walked off the plank, money drying up. Conventional wisdom wrote his political obituary.

With McCain apparently out of the picture and Giuliani taking himself out of the picture until Florida, conventional wisdom -- which generally means media looking for any alternative to a solidly conservative candidate -- bought into Huckamania, especially after the Iowa primary. Mike Huckabee, instead of McCain or Giuliani, might be the non-conservative who would divide the GOP against itself.

I don't see much difference between Huckabee and President Bush. Huckabee is a strong social conservative with no inclination toward fiscal conservatism. The difference is that we know it about Huckabee prior to election.

But now Huckabee is on the ropes and McCain is landing big blows, so the media are proclaiming McCain the presumptive Republican nominee.

And they've been down on Romney all along. Some were trying to write his campaign obituary even while he led in convention delegates. Look for an all-out effort to bury Romney with polls favoring McCain as Super Tuesday approaches.

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