Friday, January 11, 2008

Nebraska Politics : Legislature : Hang on to Your Wallets!

Hang on to your wallets -- the Nebraska Legislature is in session.

Allow a former state senator to warn you that the annual exercise in political sausage-making at the state level has commenced for 2008.

How is it going to affect you? We’ll talk about that on Check with Chip, my live-and-local call-in show on AM 1420 KOTK every Saturday morning at 11.

The learning community, school finance, the death penalty, cloning -- and who knows what else might come up? Friends, I can’t promise that I can save you from what may transpire, but I can help you understand it. Maybe together we can make it little noise and change things for the better.

Whatever happens, we’ll get through it together. We’ll mix in some comedy on Check with Chip to help ease the sting of whatever might be happening at the State Capitol. That’s Check with Chip, every Saturday morning at 11, on News Talk 1420 KOTK. Where your opinion counts!

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