Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Nebraska Politics: Concealed Carry Seems to Work

The Nebraska Legislature is looking at gun laws. I fully support the effort to crack down on people who are sloppy about securing their guns, but we must tread carefully here.

I’ve never fired a gun. I don’t much about guns. But I have no problem with citizens carrying guns, even concealed guns, if the citizens make it through the screening process.

This issue came before the Legislature when I was a state senator. Opponents said putting concealed guns into public circulation would turn Nebraska into a free-fire zone. So I checked to see what was happening in the 40-some other states that allowed concealed carry. Surely there must be blood running in their streets.

There was not a shred of evidence that gun violence increased because of concealed carry. And you know the media would have been all over it if there had been bad news to tell.

And we're not hearing about Nebraskans who lawfully carry concealed guns ventilating fellow citizens at the drop of a hat. That means the screening process works. Only law-abiding citizens are approved for concealed carry.

And that’s the way it should remain.


OmaSteak said...

Senator Doug Ashford living up to his well earned RINO reputation is backing this knee jerk reactionary bill aimed at supposedly preventing another Von Maur-style tragedy. Of course it won't do so since laws don't control the evil or insane. I have no doubt that the civil courts will "punish" the gun owner in that case. Ashford's proposal would have done nothing to prevent the recent random sniper shooting in Omaha since it seems the shooter used his own bolt action hunting rifle in the crime. That case has much more bearing on Ernie Chambers attempts to eliminate the death penalty rather than on changes to guns laws.

Bob McCarty Writes said...

Concealed carry works if/when used. Case in point: Kirkwood.

I’ve covered the shootings in Kirkwood, Mo., during the past four days and, after watching a local St. Louis television station’s interview of City Attorney John Hessel, I couldn’t help but think how he and other victims of Thursday night’s shooting tragedy might have fared better with the help of concealed firearms.

Among the 30 or so gathered in the Kirkwood City Hall meeting room that night, only one trained and qualified person — Officer Tom Ballman — carried a firearm. Had only one other trained person carried a firearm into the meeting that night, the number of dead and wounded might have been greatly reduced. Surprisingly, Kirkwood city laws don’t entirely prevent it!

Read more about it here.

JoeMerchant24 said...

Mr. Maxwell,

I appreciate your support for concealed carry, as well as your acknowledgment of you lack of experience.

I run one of the state's firearms-oriented blogs, Joe'S Crabby Shack, and wish to extend to you the offer I extend to all public figures: Please check out http://www2.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=5561206234016063036&postID=2160903292611871716 for all the details.

In addition, if you ever wanted to to go shooting (with a real instructor, even) that can also be easily arranged.