Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stem Cell Research : Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Below is a link to a story about private donors funding embryonic stem cell research in California. There's also a link to a story alleging that a hospital in the Ukraine is stealing newborns from parents and cannibalizing them for stem cell research.

The Washington Post practically gushes over wealthy people who are funneling tens of millions of dollars into the California embryonic stem cell research machine.

People who are gods unto themselves are going all out. It taps into their elitist contempt for the great unwashed masses.

When it's explained to people that embryonic stem cell research is the dictionary definition of cannibalism -- take embryonic humans apart and put their parts, their stem cells, into other humans -- they say no to embryonic stem cell research.

Meanwhile they say yes to adult stem cell research, which does not harm the donor of stem cells and has produced beneficial treatments of humans for more than 70 conditions.

The aforementioned gods don't care. If there's a chance embryos have stem cells that could prove beneficial, tear 'em apart and get those stem cells. Just smother the scene with money and try to buy off the people.

The private infusion of cash is happening because the $3 billion in state funds that California voters directed to embryonic stem cell research in 2004 is bottled up in lawsuits.

Nothing so far in the Washington Post (or any other mainstream American media that I can find) about the report a week ago by the BBC that a hospital in the Ukraine is cannibalizing newborns for stem cells to supply a clinic in Barbados. Apparently the Post is too busy fawning over the people pouring money into cannibalizing embryos in America.

The Ukraine-Barbados racket sounds like something involving Dr. Nick Riviera, the quack from "The Simpsons" TV show. Part of the story is the allegation that the Barbados clinic is falsely claiming to provide stem cell beauty cures.

Any humor is drained from the situation by the posthumous examination of babies buried at the Ukrainian hospital under investigation. The corpses, some dismembered, are missing brains and other organs.

But what the heck. If you're willing to cannibalize humans at the embryonic stage, you already have embraced the belief that it's OK for the strong to exploit the vulnerable. What's the big deal about doing the same with babies?

Click here for the story about the Ukrainian hospital cannibalizing babies for stem cell research.

Click here for the story about private donors to embryonic stem cell research.

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