Thursday, December 28, 2006

Nebraska Football : Coz Is Due

Did everybody see this item in the Omaha World-Herald?

Here it is:

Nebraska defensive coordinator Kevin Cosgrove and Auburn offensive coordinator Al Borges have met before. Borges was the offensive coordinator at UCLA in 1998, when Wisconsin beat the Bruins 38-31 in the Rose Bowl. Borges' unit, led by quarterback Cade McNown, gouged the Wisconsin defense - coordinated by Cosgrove - for 538 yards. In 2002, Borges was the offensive coordinator at Indiana for the Hoosiers' 32-29 win over Cosgrove's Badgers. "Al Borges is an outstanding coordinator," said Cosgrove, who added that the Huskers have just started to implement their game plan for the Tigers. Incidentally, Cosgrove's last game at Wisconsin was a 28-14 loss to Auburn in the 2003 Music City Bowl.

Yikes. Hope Coz changes the Borges/Auburn pattern.

I'm glad Iowa State didn't hire Borges.

Speaking of patterns, the pattern has been for the Blackshirts to melt down, especially in big-time TV games, and then talk about "fixable" or "correctable" problems during the next week.

How about getting them fixed before the game this time? There's been a month to prepare. No brain cramps this time. No whining about crowd noise.

In fairness, the Blackshirts gave up one big play and one long drive against Oklahoma. That was a solid effort. A similar effort against Auburn would do just fine.

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