Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Nebraska Football : I Don't Trust 'Em

A few weeks ago I heard sports commentator Travis Justice ask, "Do you trust this Husker football team?" 20 minutes into the Oklahoma State game I thought: "I think I finally TRUST a Nebraska team for the first time in a long, long time."

"They're playing solid, passionate football on both sides of the ball. If OSU makes some great plays and gets back into the game, so be it, but I trust this team (especially the Blackshirts) to play solid football from now on under any circumstances."

It felt like Mizzou 2003 and KU 2006 in terms of the total collapse after seemingly having taken control of the game. That wasn't supposed to happen any more. All those correctable mistakes were supposed to be fixed.

The linebackers were nonexistent throughout the OSU game, and the defensive line melted away after the first quarter.

A week ago I was relishing a rematch with Texas. I now would not trust this team at Baylor. I thought Texas A&M was the most dangerous challenge left on the schedule, and Colorado would be "name the score" for NU. If we lose to Mizzou, I wonder if this shell-shocked bunch will have enough to handle Colorado at home. 7-5 is as likely as 8-4.

On a positive note, Brandon Jackson is the reincarnation of Cory Ross, only he's tougher to stop. Cory Ross became one of my all-time favorite Huskers for the way he competed with little help from teammates.

Poor Marlon Lucky. He seems to be called for garbage plays, or plays on which there's a defender in the backfield blowing up the play before Lucky has a chance to do anything.

I guess we're stuck with Jordan Congdon through 2008 because he's the kicker this staff recruited. More evidence that the recruiting of this staff increasingly comes under question.

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