Friday, October 20, 2006

Stem Cell Research : Bandy with Sandy & Andy

Sanford Goodman and Harold Andersen didn't think much of the poll of Nebraskans on stem cell research commissioned by the Nebraska Coalition for Ethical Research. I'm not surprised. The results were bad for them.

They and a few critics in the Pulse said the poll was biased because it focused on the main issue in the stem cell research debate -- destruction of embryos -- without mentioning sideshows such as fertility clinic embryos.

The future of embryonic stem cell research lies in the production (and destruction) of embryos tailor-made for study of diseases and treatment of patients. The big push now by embryonic stem cell research advocates is to get government to fund this process. Nebraskans clearly rejected this course of action.

Would someone on the pro-embryonic side please give Mr. Andersen the updated set of talking points? He doesn't seem to know that 1) people affiliated with the University of Nebraska Medical Center paraded into a hearing before the Nebraska Legislature's Judiciary Committee in 2005 declaring the desire to make UNMC a leader in cloning for stem cell research, 2) cloning for stem cell research is being pursued at Harvard, and 3) cloning for stem cell research is a main feature of a brochure promoting the embryonic stem cell research ballot measure in Missouri.

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