Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nebraska Politics : Don't Cross the Club

The Omaha World-Herald endorsed Scott Kleeb over State Senator Adrian Smith in the race to succeed Tom Osborne as the congressional representative from District 3 -- the Big Third that covers the western two-thirds of Nebraska. This is no surprise. In an editorial about the primary election, the OWH chided Smith for what it called his "hard-shell ideology." Some might call it backbone, having clearly defined guiding principles that don't fluctuate with polls or consultants' recommendations.

The OWH said that in the Nebraska Legislature Smith has not been a leader, not been a player, not been a big wheel sought out by other lawmakers.

There is an elitist club in Lincoln made up of senior legislators, staff, and lobbyists. When you don't curry favor with the club, when you go against the club by voting to reduce the number of votes needed to end a filibuster, by voting to overhaul the state's out-of-control K-12 funding system, when you push hard and come within one vote of banning cloning, when you commit the cardinal sin of voting against a "temporary" major tax hike one year and then vote against continuing that tax hike the next year, all things Smith has done; when you defy the clubby protocol of the insiders and stand up for your constituents and mainstream populist Nebraska, then yes, you pay a price. You're not part of the "in" crowd. And well-placed anonymous voices whisper to editorial writers that you are a fringe character not to be taken seriously.

Keep that in mind as you evaluate that race.

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Obbop said...

So...some entity known as the "Omaha World-Herald" endorses a certain candidate.

Must be a coward doing the endorsing. Hiding behind a non-human entity, unwilling to spew an endorsement as an individual.

Why should a coward's endorsement be given any consideration?

Some local elite with the "power of the paper" to back them dribbling sone recommendation is, to me, no different that those on the Omyhaw city council using their political position and institution to lambas Tom Becka's spoof.

So sad so many Americans are emasculated husks berift of the backbone our troops overseas possess.

I wonder how many children of the elites are overseas fighting?