Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Nebraska Football : Texas Payback

The Longhorns cost us a shot the national championship in 1996 and 1999. And they've won a couple of heartbreakers in Lincoln. Time to start paying back.

The brain says Nebraska still is not in the same class with Texas. How is a defense that was pushed up and down the field by Kansas, Iowa State, and K State in the second half going to contain Texas?

The heart says commit at least seven men to stuffing the run and rushing the passer every play. Force a freshman QB making his first start in a hostile environment to make big pass plays.

The brain says the offensive line will not be able to open running lanes, as was the case against USC. Can it protect the passer? Can receivers get open against a top-flight secondary?

The heart says Texas is no better than the Michigan team Nebraska beat in the Alamo Bowl. If Zac Taylor has a great day and gets the offense rolling, maybe the herd could be stampeded.

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