Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nebraska Football : A Road Win Is a Good Thing, but I'm a Spoiled Big Red Fan Who Wants More

I'm still puzzled. Apparently we are afraid to run our true offense on the road.

I suspect the main reason we ran the ball well (at times) was because ISU is one of the weakest defenses we will face. Have the coaches lost confidence in Taylor?

We ran our true offense at the end of the first half. After the Marlon Lucky catch and run to the 28, I said: "There's time to throw it up for Purify in the end zone. If he doesn't get it, kick the field goal." That was the only time we gave our wide receivers a chance to make a play against a secondary that is as suspect as ours.

We are not going to beat Texas and Mizzou by smashmouthing them. We're going to need some big plays in the passing game. I'd like to see consistent production in that area so that we know how to do it when we need it.

That was the second week in a row that an opponent jammed a TD down our throat at the end of the game.

Shanle looks confused at safety, but I love him as a blitzer. He's a missile, like he was on special teams.

Our front seven have not matched the hype. Carriker is NOT being double-teamed and he is doing little. Octavien appears to be plagued by injuries. Play another defensive back or two and send at least one blitzer at Freeman (and every other QB we face) every time.

The OWH coverage was mostly rosy. They outscored us (if you count the non-penalty TD to Flynn that was disallowed) and outyarded us in the second half.

But we won. The Blackshirts got more pressure on ISU QB Meyer than they did on KU QB Barmann. It will feel better if we continue to improve as we did last year. It's probably a notch higher than beating Baylor on the road last year.

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