Friday, September 15, 2006

Nebraska Football : Pipe Down, Juco

Could we have a new rule? Junior college transfers who are backups and are on the field only because the starter is injured and have never done anything of note against bigtime I-A competition are not allowed to run their mouths and guarantee victories.

Andre Jones, a rookie cornerback who transferred from a junior college in California and claims he declined a scholarship offer from USC to come to Nebraska (the USC coach says Jones was not offered as scholarship), has drawn attention for saying, "When we beat USC . . . it will slingshot our season." Why is this guy quoted as a spokesman? He wouldn't be playing if the starter at his position hadn't ruined his knee in the preseason.

Occasionally someone, usually from outside Nebraska, comes into the program and makes noise like this. It almost always blows up in the noisemaker's face -- and makes Nebraska look bad in the process.

My friend Paul is lobbying me to get this sign on ESPN Game Day: "BLACKSHIRTS: Shake That Booty!" Maybe I can get Andre Jones to run on the field holding it up.

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