Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Great Start to College Football Season

Nebraska, Boston College, and Notre Dame won. Miami lost. Iowa State pulled out a triple-overtime victory. What a great first weekend of college football. 

There was much for a spoiled Husker fan to pick at from the first game. Then I watched other teams, some of the highest-rated teams in the country, fumble, drop passes, and commit other miscues typical of 20-year-olds playing their first games of the season.

Maybe Nebraska is ready for prime time again. Or maybe nobody is quite ready for prime time yet.

QB Zac Taylor, the running backs, and receivers look ready for prime time in LA. Not sure about the O-Line or defense, but I like having another game to prepare for USC while the Trojans are idle. Yeah, it's a I-AA team (a classification below Nebraska), but it's 80 more reps for the offense against live competition.

Is it time to replace the turf at Memorial Stadium? The turf has a history of "grabbing" players' feet. Nebraska had two noncontact season-ending knee injuries on successive plays.

Maybe Florida State and Miami should play later in the year. Their offenses have looked hapless the last two years against each other in season openers. Folks like to say it's because their defenses are so good, but other teams exposed those defenses last year, and probably will this year.

I'm a party-line guy who generally roots for the Big 12 Conference against the rest of the world. However, I'm not losing any sleep over Colorado's loss to I-AA Montana State. Not sure what's worse for the Buffaloes, losing the game or having the Montana State coach saying something like, "That was nice, but if we can beat Chadron State we'll really be happy."

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