Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nebraska Football : Troubling QB Saga

Is this the price a program pays for trying to land blue-chip West Coast offense QBs rather than hardnosed running backs who can throw well enough to keep a defense honest?

Well, Eric Crouch temporarily left the fold and generally could not throw well enough to keep defenses honest, but there did not seem to be so much drama at the QB position.

Franchise QB recruit Harrison Beck left in a depth-chart-induced huff on the eve of his sophomore season.

That was preceded by blue-chip QB recruit Josh Freeman pulling out of his commitment to NU and switching to Kansas State. Note: Coach Bill Callahan apparently had Beck's "permission" to recruit Freeman.

QB recruit Patrick Witt moved from Georgia to Texas for his senior year of high school to get out from under the shadow of a blue-chip running back. Then he moved from one Texas high school to another because the first school had another good QB and Witt might not have been featured as he hoped.

Senior QB Sam Keller, a proven gunslinger who started seven games at Arizona State last year before a season-ending injury, was named the starter for this season by the coach. The sophomore QB who finished the 2005 season and performed well was so distraught that there was talk he would transfer. The coach reconsidered and named the sophomore the starter instead of Keller. Now the rumor mill says Keller may bolt ASU for Nebraska.

Yikes. Does a West Coast offense mean such a continuing soap opera at QB?

An undertalented but overachieving QB like Zac Taylor may be preferable to the blue-chip prima donnas. Maybe the "emergency" QB recruit, juco Brian Hildebrand rushed in from California when Beck left, will be a happy accident.

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